Pacific Blue Energy Corp. recently announced it has secured the option to purchase 807 acres of solar energy zoned land in Gila Bend, Arizona, 30 miles west of Phoenix.

The company views the option to purchase the land as a significant move toward its focus on developing clean, affordable renewable energy, and dubbed the property as an “ideal” site for a solar energy project because of its flat geography, efficient drainage and close proximity to an electrical substation.

Additionally, the local municipal authority has already zoned the land for solar energy use, and three other solar projects are under construction in the area.

“We have been eyeing this property for some time because of the existing zoning, its outstanding potential as a site for a substantial 150 megawatt solar farm and its proximity to a large urban market,” Pacific Blue CEO Joel Franklin stated in the press release. “Most importantly, the land is in a completely unconstrained area, which means that there is plenty of capacity on the local power lines to accommodate more sources of power.”

After securing the land, the company will make efforts to obtain construction permit and begin construction of the project.

“This is a very exciting venture for Pacific Blue Energy Corp. as this important new project helps us continue to make all of our plans a reality,” Franklin stated.

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