Black XS L'Exces Scent for Him: Intense and Passionate

Ferociously intense is how they describe the new scent Black XS L'Exces for Him by Paco Rabanne. How different is it from the earlier version?

This woody aromatic fragrance for men, which was a creation by Fabrice Pellegrin, has lavender and amalfi lemon as top notes.

Its long lasting scent allows you to get the most of the middle note of nagarmotha or cypriol oil and the base scents of patchouli and amber.

Bottled in a raven colored bottle emblazoned with a skull, the Black XS L'Exces for Men knows how to make an imprint on the senses and imagination.

Lasting impressions are indeed cast with positive and strong vibes on this new Paco Rabanne's Black XS L'Exces for Men as some male users share the intensity of their presence on both male and female beholders.

Jose, an executive from Vancouver, Canada notes that although he is not so impressed with the skull-imprinted bottle, he is definitely hooked to its lingering fragrance.

Instead of strawberry on the opening, you get a citrusy pineapple which is nice. Beautiful woody/amber dry down. This scent isn't as 'over the top' as a fragrance like 'One Million', in fact I don't understand how this scent and the skull/rocker advertising are even connected. I typically wear a suit and tie and sit in boardrooms all day and I'm wearing this stuff! he writes on the perfumery blog

This is a beautiful, elegant scent. Not as dark as the previous version. I am wearing this in the daytime and will try it in the summer.

Chris M. Riley comments on the that he is particularly impressed by the strong but clean, blackcurrant aroma and its lasting power of more than 6 hours.

Not to be overpowered is Paco Rabanne's latest version of the Black XS L'Exces for women, which had its own seductive and sensual attributes.

Black XS L'Exces Scent for Her: Mysterious and Seductive

Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann created the scent for Paco Rabanne and has articulately combined the sensual alluring scents of jasmine, rose and night blooming cereus. The base notes of cashmere wood and vanilla were tamed by the neroli and pepper.

This has delightfully lightened the sweetness and stops the rose from overpowering. A user, who called herself DarkClarissa writes on that Black XS L'Exces Scent for Her magnifies the seductive, mysterious and gothic persona of hers.