After 22 months, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley are finally set to have their rematch. PacMan lost the WBO welterweight title to Bradley on Jun 9, 2012, and he looks to take it back on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Bradley shocked fans and the media in the first bout between the two boxers, winning a split decision that many felt he didn’t deserve. Since the victory, though, he’s proven himself to be among the best in the sport. In November, Pacquiao got his first win in nearly two years.

PPV Info

The event is set to begin at 9 p.m. ET on HBO PPV. If will cost fans $69.99 in HD and $59.99 in standard definition. Viewers can also watch a live stream online with Top Rank TV for $59.95.

Expert Predictions

Teddy Atlas, trainer/commentator: Bradley

Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports: Bradley

Brian Campbell, ESPN: Bradley

Bernardo Pilatti, ESPN: Bradley

Dan Rafael, ESPN: Pacquiao

Robert Cassidy, Newsday: Pacquiao

Lyle Fitzsimmons, CBS Sports: Bradley

Mike Coppinger, Pacquiao

Pro Bets

The MGM Grand has listed prop bets for the fight.

Winner: Timothy Bradley (+210) Manny Pacquiao (-260)

10 Full Rounds: Yes (-270), No (+210)

Knockout/Decision/Draw: Bradley by KO (11/2), Bradley by Decision (5/2), Pacquiao by KO (2/1), Pacquiao by Decision (-140), Draw (22/1)

Bradley By KO: Rd 1-2 (60/1), Rd 3-4 (50/1), Rd 5-10 (35/1), Rd 11-12 (40/1)

Pacquiao By KO: Rd 1 (25/1), Rd 2 (22/1), Rd 3 (17/1), Rd 4-7 (15/1), Rd 8-10 (12/1), Rd 11 (15/1), Rd 12 (20/1)