PAETEC Holding Corp. provides communication solutions to medium and large businesses, enterprise organizations and institutions across the United States. The company today announced that its channel partners can now sell the company’s newly acquired Intellifiber network and products nationwide.

Intellifiber’s portfolio includes fiber and Ethernet solutions, as well as custom network design and projects that cater to diverse agent needs. PAETEC acquired Intellifiber in December 2010, expanding PAETEC’s additional fiber capabilities and launching the company’s 37,000 route-mile fiber network to among the largest nationally competitive local communications providers.

“I’ve spent my career embracing the channel collaboratively and as a critical component of organic revenue growth,” Clint Heiden, president of Fiber Services stated in the press release. “These services have had incredible growth internally at Intellifiber, and I’m confident by extending our expertise, that our channel partners will immediately find ways to increase revenue and lower churn.”

PAETEC’s new capabilities include Ethernet (3 Mbps to 10G), Wavelengths (1G to 10G), SONET (DS1 to OC192), Ethernet over Copper (EoC), industry-leading low latency routes, and custom network builds.

PAETEC has 275 fiber-fed central offices serving more than 200,000 end user locations. In 2011, PAETEC said it plans to add another 160 central offices to double its the end user coverage.

“These services allow us to become more strategic in our approach in serving our customers and more relevant to their long term networking needs,” said Kristine Barton, director, solutions engineering at ARG, a PAETEC agent. “The ability to have access to the solutions along with the technical resources makes the PAETEC model very unique in the market and gives us more opportunity to differentiate as we consult with clients on their high-bandwidth requirements. In today’s market where larger, scalable bandwidth is in high demand, the PAETEC offering could not be more timely.”

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