Paid, Inc. may be in for a big payday with the launching of a Google Checkout option on its ShopCart™ shopping cart software for e-commerce vendors. The additional payment option will provide on-line customers with safe, accurate and convenient payment and shipping options, the most critical aspects for e-commerce customers who are living in today’s fast-paced economic world.

When asked what this new feature will mean to Paid, Inc. customers and investors, AuctionInc Product Manager Doug Sherman said, “Our integration with Google Checkout allows merchants to offer their shoppers another safe, user-friendly payment option that streamlines the shopping process for both the consumer and merchant. For ecommerce vendors, simply being able to display the Google Checkout icon in all of their Google AdWords will often drive business from customers who prefer this secure payment method.”

Sherman went on to state, “We have multiple vendors using ShopCart who feel strongly that adding Google Checkout to their Shopping Cart will provide them with a competitive advantage. Our ShopCart already offers an outstanding shipping calculator, based on our patented technology, that allows comparisons of shipping carriers’ rates, plus insurance, tax and special handling to help reduce shopping cart abandonment. The addition of Google Checkout is one more example of how we’re responding to customer requests and continually upgrading our ecommerce product line to help online merchants streamline their operations and attract additional business, ultimately increasing their bottom line.”

Paid, Inc’s integration with Google Checkout will allow customers to make purchases with a single click, which will make life much more convenient for consumers. Perhaps even more important, the customers of Paid, Inc. will have added security to protect sensitive information such as their credit card number. These aspects present a major win for investors of the young company.

Paid, Inc. may become a moving force in the world of e-commerce and it is clear that the world relies on Internet technology for almost every aspect of their daily lives. To prove just how unique their product is, the company is offering a free two-week trial so sellers can determine whether Google Checkout on ShopCart will meet their needs.