So far, the major pairs are narrow trading throughout the currencies market due to strong technical movements taking place currently after that the green Benjamin saw its refuge appeal boosted throughout the prior EU session after that an unexpected gloomy drop of the US service industries was witnessed last month and the ECB president proclaimed that the US along with EU needs a stronger dollar.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is inclining slightly as a result of correctional movements, having the Union currency trading at 1.5091 recording a high of 1.5140 and a low of 1.5041 with a resistance at 1.5133 and a support at 1.5040, knowing that the pair is expected to climb further to the upside according to the one-hour stochastic oscillator.

However, the pound-dollar pair is narrow trading so far and shows a tendency to rise to the upside according to the one-hour and four-hour scales, having presently the royal pound trading at 1.6576 recording a high of 1.6719 and a low of 1.6556 with a resistance at 1.6634 and a low of 1.6525.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is consolidating so far around a resistance level witnessed at 88.97 and a support level detected at 87.66 as mixed signs are seen throughout the momentum indicators at several time scales, having the low-yielding currency trading so far at 88.22 recording a high of 88.47 and a low of 87.32