So far major pairs are narrow trading as a result of current technical movements taking place after that the green Benjamin lost significant momentum throughout the prior EU session as the world's superpower present revival slowed down as already attested by the Federal Chairman Bernanke.

Plus the U.S Commerce Department showed today that consumer spending and personal income remain weak as a result of the unending lack of jobs that keep on hurting the economy postponing a full economic revival, having in fact June's personal income and personal spending both plunging to 0.0%.

Still, the euro-dollar pair is currently narrow trading on technical movements that resulted in a consolidation of the green Benjamin, having the Union currency trading around 1.3220 recording a high of 1.3261 and a low of 1.3145 with a resistance at 1.3355 and a support at 1.3030, knowing that the pair is forecasted to plunge according to the four-hour stochastic oscillator.

Now, the pound-dollar is consolidating as well as a result of present technical movements shaping overall trading within the currencies market, while that the pair may start to plunge faintly according to the four-hour and one-hour momentum indicators, having the royal pound trading at 1.5926 recording a high of 1.5966 and a low of 1.5859 with a resistance at 1.6100 and a support 1.5695.

As for the dollar-yen pair, it is narrow trading between a resistance level seen at 88.70 and a support level witnessed at 85.00 as mixed signs are detected throughout several time scales, having the low-yielding trading so far around 85.77 recording a high of 86.65 and a low of 85.65.