Throughout the past prior EU session we saw the dollar along with its index gaining momentum throughout the currencies market as its refuge appeal was boosted due to fears spread on the EU soil ahead of the results of the stress tests that will be applied on the 91 major banks of the region and on the US land ahead of the earnings that will be posted by huge national corporations.

However the time being, the euro is re-gaining its strength as hopes are now boosted back in the market regarding Germany's current cheerful economic conjuncture, knowing that this strongest EU economy saw its industrial production increasing by 2.6 percent in May while that its jobless rate plummeted to 7.7 percent, knowing that this rate remains high and crucial at 9.5% on the US soil.

Still, despite of optimism spread, the euro-dollar pair is narrow-trading as a result of technical movements taking place, having the Union currency trading so far around $1.2586 recording a high of $1.2647 and a low of $1.2548 with a resistance at $1.2735 and a support $1.2470, knowing that the pair may rise to the upside according to the four-hour momentum indicators.

As for the pound-dollar pair it is so far consolidating between a resistance level witnessed at $1.5115 and a support level seen at $1.4915 as mixed signs are detected throughout the momentum indicators at various time charts, having the royal pound now trading around $1.5025 recording a high of $1.5084 and a low of $1.4949.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is inclining faintly to the upside and shows tendency to rise further according to the one-hour stochastic oscillator, having the pair now trading around 88.54 recording a high of 89.15 and a low of 88.37 with a resistance detected at 90.20 and a support at 86.40.