Pakistan's foreign minister might lose her portfolio for contradicting Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani's remarks on the US-Pak ties. The speculation was sparked by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's statement at an interaction with journalists in Lahore, in which he said that a fresh team would carry forward diplomatic talks with India, to discuss bilateral issues including Kashmir.

Gilani did not elaborate on what he meant by a fresh team, but his remarks came four days after Khar contradicted President Zardari in a meeting with a visiting US diplomat.

Speculation is that Khar, the most glamorous lady politician of Pakistan will be removed from the foreign ministry and might get a new portfolio.

Another factor that contributed to the rumors is that Khar was not part of the 40-member delegate team that visited India along with the President two days back. Observers felt that it was very unusual that the foreign minister was not part of the team that visited India to discuss bilateral issues.

Khar had contradicted Zardari during a visit of the US delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides on April 4. Replying to Nides' question on Pakistan's participation in a conference on Afghanistan, Zardari had said his government would discuss the issue if it gets a formal invitation from the US.

Khar intervened and said that issue could not be taken up until a joint session of the parliament completes an ongoing review.

Nusrat Javeed, a political analyst, says the speculations may be true and in that case Interior Minister Rehman Malik may get the portfolio of the Foreign Minister, as quoted in report.  I have a hunch that if there is any truth in these speculations, then Zardari would go for Interior Minister Rehman Malik as the new Foreign Minister. Where such important portfolios are related it is Zardari who calls the shots, he said.

But at the same time some of the observers have pointed out that Khar has an excellent record as the foreign minister. She has garnered enough accolades for her beauty, fashion and for handling of the ministry and diplomatic relations both in and outside the country.

They also feel that her getting dropped out the ministry is not a possibility, especially when elections are around the corner in the country. The observers who have dumped the assumptions as untrue said that Gilani might have referred to a backup team when he mentioned fresh team, according to the report.