The renowned red-tailed hawk couple has encountered a tragedy. Just a day after Pale Male and Lima were seen mating, the she-hawk was found dead in Central Park by photographer Lincoln Karim, who has been avidly tracking the birds, according to DNA Info

Karim wrote on his blog, There were no visible signs of violence, and her body was very stiff and cold, after he found her under a tree at Central Park's Cedar Hill. Karim is investigating Lima's cause of death, and believes that she may have died from some kind of poison. 

Fans of Lima left flowers under the tree where she was found, while Pale Male circled above the area. However, Pale Male was quick to pick up a new mate, and has already been spotted with a fresh flame. 

Pale Male first gained fame in 2004, when he and his lady hawk at the time were almost evicted from a fifth Avenue co-op where they were nesting. When the board tried to rid the birds once and for all, animal lovers fervently defended the hawks' territory. Since the, bloggers and bird-enthusiasts have been observing the hawk as it flies through life.