Pamela Anderson is reportedly more than $370,000 in debt due to two tax liens from the U.S. government that she is required to pay immediately, multiple news reports said.

TMZ reports that the former "Baywatch" star faces two liens from 2011 -- one filed by the IRS for $259,395.75, and another filed by the State of California for $112,118.90; Anderson owes a total of $371,514.65, the reports said.
News of her tax troubles comes after Anderson was recently voted off of "Dancing with the Stars: All Stars." According to Gawker, the show pays up to $345,000 for contestants that remain on until the end; however, Anderson was voted off in the first round.
According to Yahoo Entertainment NZ, the actress is gearing up to compete on the British talent show "Dancing on Ice," where she will hope to skate her way to a grand prize.
''Pamela will bring a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour to the show, which we will all need come the winter," a source was quoted as saying, according to Yahoo Entertainment NZ.
''She's no stranger to dancing in front of viewers after her stints in America.''
Anderson has had financial problems in the past. In 2009, the actress faced tax liens totaling more than $1 million, from several home construction projects, according to People magazine
Anderson reportedly owed money for, labor and materials to remodel a main house, construct a swimming pool, and construct foundations for guest house, it said.
She also reportedly owed $252,360.39 in state taxes dating back to 2007, and was once on the Golden State’s list of "Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers," according to some reports.