The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas kicked off with Panasonic unveiling its latest technology as it envisions at having a wireless and digitalized world.

We believe the focus of our industry should be to provide technology that enables people to learn and interact with others through the use of technology to create a better life, said Toshihiro Sakamoto, Panasonic AVC Networks Company President.

Sakamoto unveiled the world's largest flat panel HDTV, digital still cameras with advanced image stabilizers and high resolution zoom, SD Memory Card incorporated with HD camcorders and High Definition Blue-ray Disc players.

All the products including a television set, HD camcorder among others can be controlled using one remote and connected to HDTV digitally without using a wire.

Sakamoto said the wireless technology will be available to consumers next year.

Sakamoto also presented the latest Panasonic Plasma technology by showing a 150 inch High Definition plasma HDTV with double power efficiency technology and 2160 X 4096 pixel resolutions.

The new plasma technology will allow wireless connectivity with other products like the Blue-ray Disc player and other components that may be mounted in other positions without quality deterioration or interference by obstruction of the signal.

Sakamoto revealed the partnerships Panasonic is having with other companies, as it continues to develop wireless and digitalized world of technology, such as Comcast and YouTube.

Together with YouTube Co-Founder Steven Chen, Sakamoto unveiled a new VIERA IPTV which enable easy access to YouTube and Picasa Web Albums, as well as a wireless digital camera that can be used to upload pictures directly to Picasa Web Albums without the use of a computer.

Panasonic envisions creating technology that enables connectivity both inside and outside the home, integrating a variety of life size, high quality entertainment content and life connected home applications including security, health and communications, said Sakamoto after showing Panasonic's latest technology.

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