Police in East Texas are on the lookout for the so-called Panty Burglar, who broke into a home in Angelina County Tuesday and stole women’s lingerie and a 5-year-old’s underwear.

It’s unclear whether the crime is related to a string of similar burglaries in the area within the past two years, the Lufkin Daily News reported Thursday.

“We take burglaries very serious, especially when it seems to have a sexual-related [aspect] such as this,” Angelina County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Pete Maskunas told the paper. “Because of the sexual nature of the items stolen, it really ups the ante for us. We are dealing with someone who has a fetish and a perversion, and with the juvenile underwear taken, we are really quite concerned.”

The Panty Burglar has baffled the authorities, who thus far have no leads or tips on the suspect. Maskunas said the Panty Burglar may be trying to blend in with the community.

“This happened in broad daylight on a main road,” Maskunas said of Tuesday’s burglary. “The person we are looking for will probably appear to belong. We want the community to be aware of anything going on during the daytime when neighbors might be at work. Keep an eye open for anything suspicious in nature.”

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said about a dozen homes in Angelina and surrounding counties have been hit by the Panty Burglar over a two-year period.

“We have been working on this for a long time,” Sanches told the Daily News. “We have put in lots of overtime. ... We really want to solve these crimes.”

The sheriff’s office urged the public to aid in the search. “If [you] know the owner of a house is not at home and you see someone in the yard or around the house, get a vehicle description, a make and model or license plate number and immediately call law enforcement,” Maskunas said. “Even if we have to go out on a lot of false alarms, eventually we are going to roll up on something and catch someone.”

The Panty Burglar investigation is being conducted by the sheriff’s office and the Diboll Police Department.