The Greek Parliament approved to provide support to the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou who survived a vote of confidence on the second bailout deal and on his own rule, especially after the mistake he made when he called for a general referendum on the second bailout deal and left the fate of Greece in the hands of its own people.

Papandreou won the vote in the 300-member parliament by 153 votes to 145, Parliament Speaker, Filippos Petsalnikos said live on state-run Vouli TV today

Papandreou after winning a confidence vote in the parliament will attempt to intensify support for international aid, especially when the main opposition party rejected the Prime Minister's offer of forming a new government.

Papandreou will seek for a unity government, where the Prime Minister is to meet the President Karolos Papoulias in a discussion for his plans for unity.

Papandreou told lawmakers before winning his second vote this year that We have to agree on common goals for a timetable and program even for the head of this government, and added that The scale of the task facing Greece exceeds the abilities of any one party.

Last week, the Greek Prime Minister decided to hold a general referendum on the second bailout deal; however by the end of this week he changed his mind and admitted that he had mistaken by calling a referendum, yet Papandreou needs to provide unity among Greek parties as soon as possible in order to qualify his country for the suspended sixth tranche of last year's 110-billion euro aid package in order to avert a possible disorderly default as soon as mid-December.