I am not a photography buff but I do have a lot of photos to document the different stages of my life for posterity sake.  I also use a lot of these photos for Avatars on Facebook or other SocialNetworking services I use.  That's when I really like to place a more different photo, something different but representative of myself.

I found Paper Camera to be a nifty App that helps you present interesting aspects of photos.  The developers (JFDP Labs) describe Paper Camera as:

Seeing the world through the stylish and artistic lens of Paper Camera transforms your ordinary world into a magical experience. No boring post-process needed!!

What if you could see your everyday life, your house, your street, your school, your family as a sketch up, a cartoon, a comic book?

Paper Camera delivers instant gratification, amazes you, and it can do it anywhere at anytime.

Paper Camera includes 11 cool filters to start with:

  • Comic Boom
  • Sketch Up
  • Aquarello (Water Color)
  • Old printer
  • Neon Cola
  • Con Tours
  • Bleaching
  • Gotham Noir
  • Half Ton
  • Granny's Paper
  • Pastel Perfect

And this list of features continue to grow with their updates (they started with 8).  Using the App, you may take a picture, or insert a picture from your library.  Select the theme you want, and vary it with:

(1) Contrast

(2) Brightness

(3) The amount of Lines you want


All in, I thought this was a pretty decent App.  The interface was crisp and easy to use.  While I appreciate the fact that the developers allow users to insert your own photos from your iphone/ipad's photo library, I have a few gripes.

(1) All the photos from your library appear in a thumbnail format so if you have a large library you have to scroll through to find the photo you want to insert into the App.  Allowing users to access the Photo Album's directory may be more efficient.

(2) It would be really neat to be able to crop/resize the individual photos you choose.  The effects of Paper Camera while interesting, does take a lot of detail away, so cropping them seems to be a nice option.

From what I read, the developers seem to be pretty intuitive with the need to users and I expect them to plug these issues eventually.  Paper Camera is a universal App for iPhone and iPad and is available for $0.99.

Don't forget to check out the demo video to see it in action:



The original post was published here: Paper Camera Converts Your iPhone Photos to Drawings