Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao says he is now ready to face in an epic trilogy match-up Mexican archrival Juan Miguel Marquez on November 12 in MGM Grand in Las Vegas after rigid training with Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao, 32, is staking his WBO 147-pound title against 38-year-old Marquez on a 144-pound catchweight bout, which Andre Berto, welterweight champion of International Boxing believes to be in Pacman's huge advantage, an AP report says.

Berto was quoted on the news that Pacquiao appears more comfortable, settled, and strong in a 147-pound boxing duel.

In his first few fights, he was trying to get settled, but now he is looking full. He is looking strong as an ox, Berto told reporters.

He adds that unless Marquez comes up with a different strategy to outbox Manny, the whole fighting scene is poised in Pacman's victory.

However, Roy Jones, Jr., a former pound-for-pound king soon to be installed in the Hall of Fame Bound Legend warns Pacquiao that he may have emerged a winner in his second boxing match with Marquez in March 2008, but he has no reason to discount the opponent's wits inside the ring.

Manny better change up some things in the ring. He better do that versus Marquez. Marquez is a smart fighter as well, Jones told AP reporters.

In a recent news conference with the press during the promotional tour in New York, Juan Miguel Marquez expressed confidence saying he wants to leave it out of the judge's hands.

I am going to look for a knock-out,' said Marquez.

Pacquiao retorted with more confidence quipping that he has changed since the last fight.

I am better technically, and stronger, said Pacquaio.

In May 2004 after three knock-outs in the opening round of the first Marquez-Pacquiao boxing match, Marquez managed to salvage a draw. The rematch in 2008 showcased Marquez's slow recovery as he lost in a hairline split decision. Bob Arum said in related report that Marquez makes a dangerous opponent to Pacquiao as he has no respect to the Filipino's powers, and he is out for a vengeance. Marquez's recent victory against Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis bears a strong message.

Bob Arum told reporters the upcoming bout will draw more than 1.5 million pay-per-view buys. Meanwhile, HBO announced, reports from AFP and AP that its 24/7 Pacquiao-Marquez coverage will kick off on October 22.