Parents who named their children ' Adolf Hitler' and ' Aryan Nation'  have lost an intitial protective custody battle, despite being cleared of child abuse claims.

It all started when Heath and Deborah Campbell of New Jersey were denied a request to put their son's name- Adolf Hitler-on a birthday cake in 2008. The couple said they gave their son a Nazi-inspired name because they thought it was unique and liked the way it sounded.

One month after the cake incident, Adolf Hitler, 5, Aryan Nation, 4, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 3, were removed from their homes and put into foster care, following an anonymous tip that the children were being abused.

On Wednesday,33 months later, the couple were cleared of child abuse but an appeals court ruleed against preventing them from getting custody of their children after sufficient evidence of abuse and neglect had been found in the home.

The Campbell's are outraged by the verdict claiming the only reason they could not retrieve their children from foster care is because of the children's names.

Actually, the judge and DYFS told us that there was no evidence of abuse and that it was the names. They were taken over the children's names, Heath Campbell told NBC 10.

We have a right to have our kids names, our kids are beautiful kids they're not going to grow up to hate or hurt people, Heath Campbell told WTFX.

Although the parents claim their children are harmless, the court records show that Adolf Hitler frequently threatens to kill people, the Daily Mail reported. A neighbor also reported that the mother had told her that she was terrified of her husband, as he had threatened to kill her before.

Court records also indicate that the parents had been victims of childhood abuse and while they were unemployed they were reported to have suffered from unspecified psychological disabilities.

The Campbell's house is covered in swastikas and heath even has one tattooed to his arm, but the couple denies being neo Nazis. They claim that the swastika is art just as they yin-yang and that's the only reason they have it in their home.

The parents say they will continue the fight, until the judge makes a final decision in December. I don't sleep, I don't eat much. I miss my kids. Miss their pitter-patters on the floor,' their mother told NBC 10. 'It's hard. I fall asleep with their pictures.'