Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Saturday that the terror alert issued late Friday in the country was linked to risks of attacks by “weapons and explosives.” The government had raised the metro area’s terror alert to the maximum level while a gunman suspected to be involved in last week's Paris attacks was still on the run.

Michel also said that the government will review the security situation in Brussels on Sunday afternoon. The metro system would remain closed until then, he added, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s office reportedly said Saturday that several weapons had been seized from the home of one of the three people arrested in Belgium in connection with the Paris attacks. However, the prosecutor’s office said that no explosives were found at the site.

A massive manhunt is underway in Brussels for suspected militant Salah Abdeslam who fled Paris after the well-coordinated shootings and suicide bombings in the French capital that killed 130 people and injured about 350 others.

Abdeslam was believed to have been one of the shooters who fired at civilians in a number of restaurants and cafes. Two of Abdeslam’s friends told ABC News that the fugitive had called them Tuesday evening, asking them to help him get back to Syria.