Paris Hilton walked out of an interview with ABC's Dan Harris after he asked her, Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?

In reference to Hilton's once former protégé Kim Kardashian surpassing her in fame, Hilton ended the interview after a series of negative questions were asked by Harris.

Do you worry sometimes about the people who have followed in your footsteps like Kim Kardashian are overshadowing you?

No, not at all, she said.

There's been some talk about the ratings of the show being low. Has that upset you? Hilton answered, No.

But when the question arose about her 15 minutes, rather 15 years, of fame ending, Hilton snickered to her publicist off camera and ended the interview but not before stating, I don't want all this being used.

According to Harris, Hilton spoke with her publicist for a long period of time before returning with an answer that she is rebranding and reinventing herself.

Hilton's answer, though seemingly a parroted response from her publicist, is indeed true, as she has created another reality television show called The World According to Paris on the Oxygen Channel, which has alarmingly low ratings.