Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson posted a photo on her Instagram page, showing a new tattoo she got near her wrist, honoring her late father. Paris, who turned 18 on Sunday, said in the caption that the tattoo showed the words “Queen of My Heart” written in Michael’s handwriting.

According to a report by People magazine, Paris got the tattoo at Timeless Tattoo 738 in Los Angeles and it was made by artist Justin Lewis. She was also accompanied by her cousin Austin Brown. Lewis commented on her latest tattoo on his Instagram page, saying: “Paris Michael Jackson got her tattoo today, letters from her father, so sweet.”

Michael passed away in June 2009 due to an overdose of propofol at the age of 50. When she was 14, Paris had tweeted saying: “I kinda want to get August XXIX tatted on my back,” according to People magazine, referring to her father’s birthdate of Aug. 29, 1958. Paris was said to have been deeply affected by her father's death.

Paris is currently dating the 26 year-old drummer Michael Snoddy, who posted a photo of them kissing on Instagram for her birthday. Paris posted the same photo along with another one, where she was seen kissing him.

Paris is currently dating Snoddy after she broke up with Chester Castellaw last year and reports said that the family was concerned about her after the breakup.


best birthday ever _ [_:: my baby @nikiberger]

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