Growth in life is something we all strive for in one form or another. Some tend to concentrate on growth in their family, some their career, some for inner strength. If the concentration is focused in several areas using time management, it opens doors for positive opportunities to arise in those areas on a consistent basis.

When individuals all wielding this skill are brought together to concentrate on a primary goal, they become a formidable force, capable of advancing faster than normal. Growth on this level is not seen or experienced by most unless they stay the course originally intended.

In this case, it has been done, and at the pace they are going, it is going to continue to grow at an alarming rate. Through hard work, commitment, and dedication to their profession, it has opened several doors at once. Park City Group, Inc.’s acquisition of Prescient Applied Intelligence, Inc. not only gained a prosperous relationship, but has added consistent revenue growth. As a result, the company’s original projected guidance for the fiscal year has now increased.