Partnering with Rock The Vote, the developers of the smash-hit mobile game "Infinity Blade" have created "Vote!!!" in which users play as either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney and duke it out for the White House. The game goes live Thursday on the App Store, according to Game Informer. The game is a riff on the "Infinity Blade" hack-and-slash formula, only with cartoon-inspired candidates battling on the White House lawn.

Players will swipe their touchscreens and perform combos (reminiscent of "Infinity Blade") and help their candidate ascend to the presidency. Players will also tap the screen to dodge attacks. Characters can don a variety of ridiculous outfits for play, as well as make use of absurd weaponry like microphones and boxing gloves. Chair, the company that created the game, is owned by Epic Games, creators of the "Gears of War" franchise and developers of the Unreal game engine used by multiple platform titles ("Infinity Blade" included).

"We're excited to join forces with Rock the Vote to help emphasize the importance of voter registration and encourage gamers to become more involved in the political process," Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard said to Game Informer. The game will be free.