More than 100 passengers aboard a Bali-bound Lion Air flight escaped miraculously after the plane overran the runway while landing and crash-landed in shallow waters off the coast of Indonesia on Saturday, local media reported.

The Lion Air Boeing passenger skidded off the end of the runway in Ngurah Rai Airport, which is located on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, 13 km south of Denpasar, and it landed in the sea. Local television showed the aircraft -- with a slight crack in its fuselage toward the tail end of the plane -- in the shallow waters where it came to a stop, while its passengers were evacuated.

All the of passengers of the plane and its crew were rescued, media reports said.

Bali Police Chief Arif Wahyunadi told the Associated Press that all passengers and flight crew were evacuated and shifted to the medical facility in the airport terminal for treatment.

The plane was traveling from London to Denpasar when the accident occurred. Authorities said the cause of the accident remains unclear, and an investigation is underway.

Operations in Ngurah Rai Airport were halted temporarily following the accident, and passengers tweeted and posted message updates on Facebook stating that they were stranded at the airport, the Telegraph reported.