Passengers may soon be able to stop removing their shoes at the airport when going through security.

New technology is being developed so that passengers can keep their shoes on when going through security at airports, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Politico Tuesday morning.

The solution to many if not all of these inconveniences is better and better technology, she said.

Passengers have been required to remove their shoes since Dec. 2001, when a terrorist, Richard Reid, attempted and failed to ignite a bomb he had hidden in his shoe.

While passengers may be to keep their shoes on, restrictions on liquids will remain. Easing up on liquid restrictions will be one of the last things passengers can expect, Napolitano said.

In terms of what we see coming in the months and years ahead, it will probably be easier and it looks like it will be to deal with the shoe issues before we can remove the restriction on liquids, Napolitano said.