Fox’s second musical this year traded in the hand-jive for some Bible passages. “The Passion,” Fox’s first musical since “Grease: Live,” was a modern, musical take on Jesus Christ’s (JenCarlos Canela) last hours. Set in the present day, the Tyler Perry-hosted show used contemporary pop and rock music to tell the story. The musical, which was partially live, was broadcast live New Orleans on Sunday. Luckily, even those who didn’t tune in can catch up on the best performances of the night.

“When Love Takes Over” – Yolanda Adams

The gospel singer kicked off the show in a big way with a huge choir singing behind her. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s dance track was a high-energy way to begin the story. Adams’ powerful voice was the perfect way to start the event.

“Demons” – Jesus and Judas (Chris Daughtry)

Jesus and Judas' duet before the latter officially hands Jesus over to the police. The Imagine Dragons’ song wasn’t intended to have two singers, but it works for this scene.

“When The Saints Go Marching In” –  Yolanda Adams

Much of the show’s soundtrack basically made it feel like a special Bible-themed episode of “Glee,” so it was nice to have a classic thrown into “The Passion.” Again, Adams’ voice and stage present lifts the whole show. She was joined by the rest of the cast and the PresHall Brass Band for this number.

“Mad World” – Pontius Pilate (Seal)

In one of the most emotional performances of “The Passion,” Pontius Pilate sings the “Tears for Fears” song as he watches Jesus be carried off to his crucifixion.

“Broken” – Mary (Trisha Yearwood)

Mary sings this Lifehouse tune after Jesus has been crucified. The song was also performed after the procession of a large, illuminated cross ended at the stage.

“Unconditionally” – Jesus

Jesus closed the program with his Katy Perry number. The rooftop performance impressed audience members so much that they even started snapping pictures on their cell phones during the show.

To see these and more performances from “The Passion,” viewers can still watch a recording of the broadcast. The show is available on Fox.