The death of Zachery Tims, Florida megachurch pastor and televangelist, has stirred controversies.

While autopsy results returned inconclusive and no criminal activity has been suspected, a white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was found in his pocket.

Tims, the hugely popular but somewhat controversial pastor of Florida-based megachurch New Destiny Christian Center, was found dead in a room at the W Hotel in Times Square, New York City, on Aug. 12.  His body was found by a housekeeper and was pronounced dead at the scene.

An envelope filled with white powder was found in his pocket, and police are investigating whether drugs were involved in his death.

Police believe Tims was alone when he died, because hotel staff had to break through the door's security bar, which can only be put in place from inside the room.

They are also investigating on Tims' whereabouts during his stay in New York, and his phone calls.

Tims had been in and out of jail as a young man and hoped the center would keep youngsters away from drugs and crime. A former drug addict Tims kicked the habit when he got saved and called into ministry, according to his church's website. The church was founded in 1996, and has grown to have more than 7,000 members today.

The possibility that he died from drugs isn't the only controversy surrounding Tims.  In 2009, he divorced his wife of 15 years after admitting to having an affair with a stripper.

Tims is survived by his ex-wife and four children.

A prayer service on Monday at New Destiny Christian Center drew 2,000 people.

"We lost one of our leaders," said the Rev. Willie Barnes as he spoke at the service. "His ministry was very, very powerful, especially to young people. He brought a different style of ministry, and it reached a lot of the younger generation because it wasn't so traditional."