Patricia Lefranc, 48, was left horrifically disfigured when her ex-lover sprayed sulfuric acid on her face.

Lefranc had been in coma for three months. Later, she lost the sight of an eye, became partially deaf and had to undergo 86 surgical operations to reach her present form while the acid continues to eat her nose and erode her skin, two years after the attack.

She has been forced to live her worst nightmare, just for trying to break out of a relationship with a married man. She has accused him of turning me into a monster.

On the first day of trial of Richard Remes for attempted murder in Belgium, Lefranc said that she was determined to look him in the eye and show the jury what he has done to me.

On Wednesday, jurors were handed a shocking naked photograph of Lefranc, her body hideously deformed by the acid attack and told: Imagine it was you, reports Mail Online.

I hope to convince the court that he did indeed want to murder me, she said.

Remes apparently planned the attack her after Lefranc had ended their relationship.

According to Lefranc, Remes was waiting for her to step out of a lift in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

She told the court that he sprayed the acid all over her head and torso and that she was convinced that she would be dead. It was only when the neighbors came to her rescue that she could be saved.

Lefranc further said, I hope Remes is convicted of attempted murder, and not just for assault and battery with torture. He did not just want to hurt me, he wanted me out of the way. I just hope that I get to tell the court what I experienced, and how it hurt. I would also appeal to his wife. She paints me as a manipulator who hooked her husband. I think that's an insult - a dagger in my back.

She told the court that Remes was the first one to take a step to start the relationship. Lefranc explained how she went through physical and psychological torture every single day of her life.

The jury Wednesday retired to consider their verdict.

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