A Long Island, N.Y., postal carrier is accused of some severe slacking as a mailman.

Patrick Paskett, 24, was arrested earlier this month, after being accused of trashing more than a thousand pieces of mail in dumpsters along his route, reports News 12 Long Island. According to prosecutors, the lazy mailman tossed the mail between early December and early March.

Federal agents first began investigating Paskett after receiving several complaints from Seaford and Massapequa Park residents about undelivered mail on his route, says a federal complaint. On March 6, special agent Steven DeMayo witnessed Paskett launch a stack of mail into a trash bin in Massapequa Park. After facing investigators last week, Paskett admitted to tossing mail into trash bins around 15 times since December.

Paskett informed agents of several of his dumping locations, with officials recovering 1,018 pieces of mail that had been thrown away at four different sites between Feb 27 and March 6; 144 of the items were first-class mail. He now faces a felony charge of mail destruction. If convicted, Paskett could be jailed for up to five years.

Though he told the New York Post he had resigned from his position from the United States Postal Service, Paskett is technically still employed with USPS, said a USPS spokeswoman. His employment is pending the outcome of the charges, but he is no longer delivering mail.