Mexican singer Paulina Rubio is currently facing a $250,000 lawsuit from a former personal assistant who alleges she physically assaulted him at a Miami Airport.

According to TMZ, Felipe Restrepo Betancur was hired by Rubio in August and worked for her up until earlier this week, when he quit in response to the alleged assault. In documents Restrepo filed with a Miami court, the former personal assistant claims that Rubio got physically violent with him last weekend, because he was unable to secure a first class ticket for her on a flight from Miami to Mexico

Rubio, a well-known singer and model who got her start as a member of the 80s pop group Timbiriche, was scheduled to return to Mexico from Miami when her flight was cancelled, according to Betancur. He was left in charge of booking a new flight, and says that he became the object of her ire when he booked a seat for her in coach.

Betancur alleges that the 41-year-old pop star assaulted him once they had boarded the plane, punching, kicking, and slapping him, as well as throwing objects at him. He also damages as a result of her attack, including contusions and abrasions on his arms and legs, as well as emotional trauma.

In a statement, an attorney representing Rubio in the matter said, "The moment after being fired and eventually recovering from his inebriation Mr. Restrepo ran to an attorney who was representing another individual in a meritless lawsuit previously filed against Ms. Rubio's company Link Tours, Inc.”

"Incredibly, Mr. Restrepo has concocted a fable about being beaten by a woman half his size,” continued her attorney. "Notably absent from this entire story is any reference that this 'beating and humiliation' was documented or observed by anyone on the flight."

Rubio was previously arrested last year, when she got into a screaming match with Miami police officers after a car accident. The incident was caught on tape, and Rubio was reportedly arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, and refusal to obey a lawful command.