One company that is starting to earn national attention is PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. Located in Boise, Idaho, PCS has evolved into a leader in the Educational Sector by designing and delivering educational products and services to the K-16 market that develop contemporary skills for the 21st century including critical thinking and problem solving. Today, PCS took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have formed a partnership with STEM Academy.

STEM Academy is a renowned non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving STEM literacy for all students. PCS and STEM will work together robotics materials and curriculum for 6th and 8th grades within schools in the STEM Academy Network.

PCS will also provide teacher training and support as necessary for educators as they come online with the program. PCS content will be digitally enhanced and delivered through the STEM Academy Learning Management System (LMS), which has powerful tracking and assessment features to validate student outcomes.

One of the leaders at PCS is Robert Grover who serves as the company‚Äôs President. When asked what this technology could mean to the future of education, Grover was quoted as saying, “The STEM Academy represents a breath of fresh air for schools looking for a comprehensive K-12 solution. Their approach to digital content delivery, standards alignment, integration of hands-on activities, and systematic documentation of student outcomes is exactly the right approach. PCS is delighted to be a participating partner for their 6th and 8th grade solutions and looks forward to working directly with STEM Academy schools as they come online.”

Currently, PCS Edventures is trading in the $0.71 range. With this new partnership and strong innovation in place, this may be a company investors should keep an eye on.

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