A bar in south London has installed the world's first hands free urine-controlled video game. Visitors at the Exhibit Bar in Balham can play a video game every time they use a urinal.

Users (men only) aim their pee in specially crafted urinals to control games which are displayed on LCD screens mounted above. Men will be able to test the accuracy of their aim by playing any of the three games at urinals.

The video game urinals were installed after successful trials in Cambridge. One of the game's co-founders, Gordon MacSween, was not sure how the public would react to the game initially. However, sales of Corona beer increased 47 per cent during the trial period in which adverts for the beer played before and after the game.

Players of the urinal game are able to post their scores on Twitter and are able to compete with friends through a live leader board. Bar bosses hope the games will not only attract new customers, but that regulars will drink more in order to play longer and set new high scores.

The units will be rolled out in select venues across the UK in early 2012.

Check out the video here.