It seems rumors for an iPad 3 March release date are on track, after a new report revealed that Pegatron Technology has started to fill its iPad 3 orders and started to prepare for further orders of the iPad 4, allegedly set for an October release.

The report obtained by the Digi Times says that Pegatron, one of Apple's major manufacturers, will potentially be producing between seven to 10 million units of the iPad 4 in 2012.

A Digi Times source also claims that Apple will soon change its strategy to have Pegatron focusing solely on production of the iPad.

The prospect of Apple releasing two iPads this year is becoming one of the most popular rumors surrounding the gadget. With such high competition from the likes of ASUS and Amazon the pressure is on for Apple.

As far as speculation goes it is generally believed that the iPad 3 will be launched in March with a much improved display screen, which could even be called the iPad HD.

It is expected to employ an indium gallium zinc oxide display panel, according to the DigiTimes, which claims to have received information from Apple's supply chain. The panels will apparently be manufactured by Sharp.

iPad 2 critics have complained that the tablet is thick and heavy compared to its competitors, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the ASUS Transformer Prime, so a thinner display and body could be a popular move for Apple:

Here are some of the latest iPad 3 Rumors:

Redesign:  While initially it was thought that the iPad 3 would look much the same as the iPad 2, prognostications circulating the Web have suggested quite the contrary.

This is how Mike from the Cydia Blog interpreted it:

The new part, when compared with iPad 2, shows a different arrangement in internal circuitry, hinting a major redesign. The tail end of the part makes a 'U-turn,' whereas the iPad 2′s Microphone Mic Flex Cable makes almost 90-degree turn both ways.

Siri: The iPhone 4S's most popular voice assistant feature may be coming to the new iPad. Although the Huffington Post says the rumor is far from certain, as voice command is far less useful on the tablet than on a cellphone. 4G LTE qualities and a larger battery are also among the rumor mix.

Better camera: iPad 2 uses a VGA-capable camera on the front and an HD camera that can do 720p video 1 MP in the rear. According to Zdnet, competitors are shipping tablets with 3MP and 5MP camera and therefore Apple needs to do better. A flash is another feature missing from the camera that many experts believe needs to star in the new tablet's release.