The University of Pennsylvania women’s lacrosse team is under investigation after several players allegedly stole liquor, smoked marijuana and exposed themselves at a Philadelphia bar last weekend.

Penn’s athletic department is reviewing a bar owner’s claim that a group of 50 people engaged in “absolutely deplorable behavior” during their visit, the Daily Pennsylvanian, the school’s independent student newspaper, reports. According to Casey Neff, the general manager at Fado Irish Pub in Center City, the Penn women’s lacrosse team’s scheduled two-hour celebration quickly spiraled out of control.

According to Neff, members of the lacrosse team caused significant damage to the premises, stole liquor from behind the bar, and attempted to steal a six-pack of beer, the student newspaper reports. In addition, Neff says that the women smoked marijuana in the bathroom, and that one team member who displayed her genitals received the “adulation of the rest of the party.”

“We want people to have fun. We are happy that people come out,” Neff said, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. “But that was well above and beyond [the standard] of normal behavior. They broke the light fixture, and they literally cheered about it—‘yeah’—are you kidding?”

In addition, the bar manager noted that the lacrosse team ran up a $1,300 tab, only to leave a tip of less than 4 percent. Neff doesn’t plan to pursue criminal charges against a specific individual, but will ask Penn to help cover the damage to the bar.

“We don’t know any individual who broke anything, it was a group,” Neff said. “We were not able to single out anyone.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, Penn Athletic Communications Director Mike Mahoney said, “We have been made aware of the allegations by Fado, and we are deeply concerned about them. Our coaches and senior staff are meeting with the members of the women’s lacrosse team, and we will continue to thoroughly investigate the allegations around this event. If the description of incidents around this event is accurate and found to involve our team and their guests, this was deplorable behavior that will not be tolerated.”

[h/t Deadspin]