PeopleString Corp. creates technologies that enable consumers to take advantage of their social networks to capitalize on the best national and local deals. The Company’s patent pending “shareItUp” technology takes the power of social media to create coupons that go up in value when shared and rewards loyal customers who share their favorite merchants with others. Founded in January 2009, PeopleString Corp. has their headquarters in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Their PeopleString social network allows individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business to manage and aggregate their personal, business, and social communications into one online dashboard. PeopleString also offers patent pending “Insta Portal” technology that allows users to import pieces of their favorite websites into their own PeopleString homepage.

Yesterday, PeopleString announced the official launch of PeopleDeals. This is the Company’s social coupon platform that allows merchants to launch real-time social media marketing campaigns and, via their shareItUp feature, offer deals that grow in value as they are shared through social networks, email, or text. At present, users can share deals through Facebook, Twitter, PeopleString, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Delicious, SMS, or email.

PeopleDeals exists as a stand-alone web portal and Facebook application, with mobile applications on both the iPhone and Android operating systems launching in the coming weeks. The platform incorporates multiple layers of geolocation technology to ensure that consumers receive only the most relevant deals and to prevent fraud.

Darin Myman, PeopleString’s President and CEO, said, “PeopleDeals makes more expensive marketing channels unnecessary and passes those savings along to the consumer in the form of better deals and bigger discounts. The cost of traditional marketing is an enormous burden on merchants and particularly small businesses. PeopleDeals provides unlimited marketing potential and the ability to connect directly with a loyal customer base for a third of what a business owner might spend on a single Valpak advertisement or a costly Groupon.”

PeopleString also announced yesterday that they have partnered with ALOT, a division of Vertro, Inc., to distribute their new PeopleDeals social coupon platform. ALOT will promote a specially designed PeopleDeals app, currently undergoing development by PeopleString, to millions of existing ALOT users, as well as their prospective users as part of their ongoing online marketing program.