Earlier today, PepsiCo unveiled a pair of new offerings to its broadening selection of non-carbonated drinks. G2, a low-calorie version of Gatorade, will come in 3 flavors and contain 25 calories in every 8 ounces. Propel Invigorating Water, a water product enhanced with vitamins, caffeine, and slight flavoring, is also being introduced, and will have 20 calories per 8-ounce serving. These new beverages will be distributed to small-format customers, such as gas stations and convenience stores, later this year.

In late trading, PEP has slipped 0.8% lower, outperforming the sinking broader market. The number-two soft-drink company is continuing to hold support at its 10-week and 20-week moving averages.

Over on the market-observations portion of the site earlier today, I took a look at some possible trading opportunities from the world of pop (for you Midwesterners east of Effingham, Illinois); Coke (Southerners); soda (most everyone else), and cold drinks (folks down in New Orleans). For an in-depth look at PEP, Coca-Cola (KO), and their smaller rivals, click here.