Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of biodegradable plastic products and everyday green solutions, announced their first International retail distribution partnership with The Greenhouse Bermuda. Perf Go Green’s 13, 30, and 39-gallon biodegradable trash bags, drop cloths, and their pet products, which include Cat Pan Liners and Doggie Duty Bags, will now be distributed throughout Bermuda.

“International distribution for Perf Go Green’s retail plastic product is a major landmark for our brand and shows that our earth-friendly products are being embraced internationally,” stated Tony Tracy, Chairman and CEO at Perf Go Green. “The Greenhouse Bermuda will provide sustainable solutions to eco-conscious consumers in Bermuda with Perf Go Green’s sustainable retail solutions.”

Michael Burke, founder of The Greenhouse Bermuda, added, “The Greenhouse Bermuda is looking forward to a strong relationship with Perf Go Green. The first shipment has arrived and we look forward to showcasing the only recycled plastic and biodegradable plastic bags in Bermuda, which can only benefit the environment of our small island.”