While most consumers understand the environmental issues related with plastic products, they continue to use plastic products on a daily basis. However, there is a company that is on a mission to provide consumers with an earth-friendly plastic option. Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. (PGOG.OB) is a New York-based company focused on developing and manufacturing biodegradable plastic products. The company is pleased to announce today that it has completed the delivery of a $500,000 re-order of Perf Go Green biodegradable trash bags to a major pharmacy chain.

Since it was founded in November 2007, the management team has made a conscious effort to maintain its mission to create environmentally-conscious products. In March 2008, the company made its first appearance at the annual International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago. The company was heralded with an honor for their products innovation and design quality.

“We at Perf Go Green believe in reusing, recycling, and reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. From development to disposal, all Perf Go Green products respect our cradle-to-cradle philosophy,” said Tony Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Perf Go Green. “Formed with one purpose, one goal in mind — to stop trashing the planet and embrace solutions that will help achieve this goal, we are happy to provide more products to meet the demand of the eco-conscious consumer.”

Perf Go Green initially released a full line of biodegradable plastic products, which included trash bags, drop clothes, “doggie duty” bags, and cat pan liners, when it premiered at last year’s expo in Chicago. Since that time, it has expanded its product line and now offers a line of all-natural and sustainable household and commercial cleaning products that will reduce the amount of toxic fumes in buildings and homes. The company also recently launched PerfPower™ Alkaline Batteries, an innovative and environmentally-friendly battery that contains no cadmium, lead, or mercury.

In less than two years, Perf Go Green has definitely made its presence known. With the fulfillment of this latest re-order, it looks like Perf Go Green is well on its way to becoming a premier provider of viable eco-friendly products.