Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. announced this morning the arrival of the first container of PerfPower(tm) Alkaline Batteries for distribution to a number of retailers. These high-performance batteries contain 0% lead, 0% mercury, and 0% cadmium. Made with recycled materials, they are 100% recyclable. Perf Go Green also told investors that it is offering the first 100% free recycling program for PerfPower(tm) Batteries and is encouraging consumers to recycle the packaging and batteries through

“It’s so important to keep our world as we know it sustainable,” stated Perf Go Green Chairman and CEO Tony Tracy. “We are committed to incorporating cradle to cradle sustainability standards into all of our Perf Go Green products and continually seek ways to reduce our impact on the environment. By providing a high performance battery that is clean and green and then provide totally free recycling we hope to reduce the impact on our landfills and encourage consumers to do the right thing by recycling.”

“Since 2007 the state of California has banned the dumping of alkaline batteries in landfills, with other municipalities soon to follow,” added Mr. Tracy. “The alkaline battery industry represents $8 billion in annual sales. As a green company we have analyzed the market and recognized that approximately 2% of the market pays up to $35 for a 12 pound recycling kit. PerfPower(tm) recycling is totally free. Our goal is to capture 5% of this growing eco-conscious market and make a difference by leading the fight in reducing battery-dumping in our landfills.”