Christmas - the celebration of the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. But what would it be without the joy of giving? Gifts have grown into becoming the integral part of Christmas celebrations. During this time of the year, Christians as well as non-Christians buzz around the town shopping for the perfect gifts.

Coming up with the idea for the perfect present is the toughest part, especially when it comes to buying gifts for the nearest and dearest ones.

So if you are still struggling to figure out what to buy for your mum, who happens to be tech savvy (or not), here are some ideas:

The season offers a large variety of products to choose from with choices primarily ranging from the popular e-reader Amazon Kindle 3 to a simple digital frame. The key to selecting the perfect gift for you mum lies in your ability to give her something useful along with an emotional appeal - something that would light her face with a smile amidst her day-to-day monotony.

Most of our parents have come from a generation where reading was hugely celebrated. The Amazon Kindle 3 serves the purpose in a best way, specially since technology indulges reading. Although technologically sophisticated, the e-book reader is an amazing gateway device into the wonders of technology in general. So even if your mum is not that tech savvy, may be this e-reader will get her interested in gadgets.

If you want to please your mum with an easy-to-operate device, a tablet computer is your best bet.

Tablet computers are celebrated as wonders of technology. With a touchscreen computer where the interface is streamlined, and through the removal of a pointing device to enable the usage of the most natural pointing device in the world - the finger - tablet computers can satisfy tech savvy mums with no complication and much comfort.

If these options seem too heavy on your budget, don't fret. If you can just afford to buy digital frames to bring those cherished memories back to life to be displayed around the house, your mum will be more than just happy. Though a tablet computer can easily replace a digital frame, the simple gadget that keeps all the memorable moments fresh can have a great emotional appeal.

Surprise your mum with these gifts and see how she takes a liking to what you like.