With “Persona 5” coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 soon, the game’s developer, Atlus, also has reminded fans of the upcoming “Persona 4: Dancing all Night” spinoff, which combines dance-rhythm gameplay with the complex storylines of a “Persona” game. The PlayStation Vita exclusive will be getting a release soon, so Atlus and publisher NIS America have decided to reveal a “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” Collector’s Edition for European fans of the series.

Called the “Disco Fever Edition,” this version of the game comes packed with extras that should make any “Persona” fan happy. It comes in a disco ball shaped box and has a physical copy of “Persona 4: Dancing All Night,” downloadable costumes, a keychain of “Persona 4” mascot Teddy, two discs' worth of the game’s soundtrack and a double-sided pouch for the PS Vita, making the platform look just as stylish as the game.

The cast of “Persona 4” returns to this dancing game, according to Push Square, and it seems like the game will blend the silliness of a dance game with some of the darker elements that have been present in every “Persona” game. Fans will probably appreciate the lighter mood of “Dancing All Night,” especially with all the costumes they can fit their favorite character into.

Of all the “Persona” games that have come out, it seems like “Persona 4” is the one that is most ripe for spinoff games, as “Dancing All Night” is actually the second spinoff title. The first was “Persona 4 Arena,” which was developed by Arc System Works, which worked on the acclaimed “Guilty Gear” and “BlazBlue” games. “Arena” was praised by critics and Atlus is hoping for the same to happen with “Dancing All Night.”

Fans interested in seeing the cast of “Persona 4” get in a groovy state can preorder the game at the official Atlus site, along with the “Disco Fever Edition.” “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” comes to North America and Europe this winter for the PlayStation Vita. 

Persona 4: Dancing All Night E3 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/AtlusUSA)