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Definition :
The total income received by the members of the domestic household sector, which may or may not be earned from productive activities during a given period of time, usually one year.

The primary use of personal income is to measure the income actually paid out to the household sector. After adjusting for income taxes, personal income forms the basis for consumption expenditures on gross domestic product.

Why is it useful?
The Personal income is a number that reflects the value of the economical cycle in a certain economy; the number’s impact is not of great value but is the corner stone for other economical and statistical indicators. In general the increase in personal income is reflected by a revitalized economy which generated that extra amount which consequently will be pulled back in the market by consumers spending and added demand, and by that the production increases again and the cycle continues all over again. As mentioned this number is positively associated to the currency, equity, and economical growth yet does not provide a dramatic effect as much as being an indicator to the economical state in a certain economy.