Peru has suspended diplomatic ties with Libya, condemning Gaddafi regime's use of force against anti-government civilian demonstrators.

Peru expresses its most energetic protest at the repression carried out by the Libyan dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi against his people, who are demanding democratic reforms to change a government led by the same person for 40 years, Peruvian President Alan Garcia has said, according to BBC.

Peru is the first country to break off diplomatic relations with Libya where week-long protests have reportedly killed more than 200 people. Peru's Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde said he hoped more Latin American countries would sever ties with the Libyan regime.

There have been vastly varying accounts of the death toll in the Libyan struggle. While Iran's Press TV puts the toll near 1,000, the International Federation for Human Rights has said the number the dead could reach 400.

Pressure is mounting on Libyan authorities to stop the violence. EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said the EU has suspended a framework trade agreement with Libya, which was under negotiation.

Meanwhile, Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN has asked the government to stop killing civilians.