Halloween came and went, and dog costumes have made their way to trash cans and storage units as the festivities have died down.

But one new trend in dressing up pets appears to be here to stay, as Pet Paint has taken off after being featured in the most recent episode of the hit ABC show "Shark Tank."

Many people have trouble getting their furry friends to wear costumes, so Pet Paint founder Abe Geary decided to find a new way to get their animals into the holiday spirit: spray-paint them.

"PetPaint is a color hairspray for dogs. You haven't heard of it because we invented it! PetPaint is bright, easy to use and safe for dogs to lick, and you know they can reach," the company's website explains.

Pet Paint, described by the company as "washable paint for your pet," allows pet owners to spray a variety of patterns directly onto their dog's fur, which makes for some pretty eye-catching looks. From army camouflage to celebrate Veterans Day to red, white and blue paint to get your dog in the Fourth of July spirit, the people behind Pet Paint, which launched in March 2013, hope that folks will use its stencils and paints to find fun ways to dress their pets up year-round.

And at only $9.99 per aerosol paint canister and $4.99 per stencil pack, it's a fairly inexpensive way to gussy your canine up, as puppy costumes can cost far more and turn fewer heads than the sight of a dog painted to look like he or she is wearing the jersey of your favorite football team. The company's website is advertising a Shark Tank Deal, in which shoppers can use the code SHARKTANK10 when purchasing in order to get 10 percent off their order. There's no official word on whether cat lovers are getting in on the Pet Paint fun, but the company stated via Twitter that it is safe for horses, so get ready for the company to make headway in the equine world.

"PetPaint is a high quality colored furspray that is specially formulated, dog-safe, and veterinarian approved. The company was founded by Abe Geary, who sought to change the way people celebrate occasions and holidays with their dog," the company's website explains. "After the establishment of clinical protocols, and rigorous formula testing, PetPaint was conceived. PetPAint is a quickly expanding color spray line for dogs built on creating a lasting relationship between dogs and their owners."

Some folks expressed shock at the concept of applying paint directly to their pets after Pet Paint made its appearance on "Shark Tank" on Friday but a large percentage of tweets about the product and company seem to support the idea.

"just saw @Pet_Paint on shark tank! Dora wants this sooooo bad!!!!" tweeted @TheRealEAGreen, making reference to what we can only assume is her own pooch and echoing the sentiments on many others on Twitter.

Next time you're out walking the dog, don't be surprised if you come across one spray-painted to look like a zebra. It's probably just PetPaint.