In order to defend the recent actions of the Federal Reserve, and the benefits of central banking in general, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has embarked on an unprecedented public information campaign, including a 4-part lecture series to students at George Washington University.

To offer students an alternate, non-politicized perspective, economist Peter Schiff - in conjunction with the Reason Foundation and the FreedomWorks Foundation - will host a counter-lecture at Reason's Washington DC headquarters this Thursday, March 29 at 3pm.

The event, entitled The Fed Unspun: The Other Side of the Story, is being offered free to students, and members of the press are welcome as well. For one hour, Mr. Schiff will critique specific points made by Chairman Bernanke at his GW lectures. This will be followed by an open Q&A.

At least 7 students from Bernanke's GW class will be in attendance at this event and may agree to offer comments to the press on who made the stronger case.

Reason's DC headquarters are in close proximity to George Washington University, but, for those unable to attend, it will be streamed live from the FreedomWorks Facebook page: