The Howard family wants to make movie magic together. That’s what actress Bryce Dallas Howard revealed during her appearance at CinemaCon this month.

The “Pete’s Dragon” star told to reporters during a pre-Big Screen Achievement Award press conference in Las Vegas on April 14 that she’s been pressuring her dad, famed director, producer and actor Ron Howard, 62, into making a film together. The 35-year-old said that in her experience it takes several years for a project to come to fruition in Hollywood.

“I recently had a chat with him and reminded him of his age and reminded him of my age and said this face has like… the clock is ticking!” Howard said. “Let’s do this while we have a lot of energy and we’re excited to be working.”

While Howard is hopeful she’ll be able to film with her Oscar award-winning dad, she wasn’t always so vocal about her roots. “At first, when I was a teenager and headed to college, I didn’t want anyone to know,” she said, explaining why she originally went by Bryce Dallas. The actress shared she began going by her real last name when her parents asked if she was “ashamed” of her family and realized her moniker sounded “like a porn star.” 

“I’m so proud of my family, so proud,” Howard said. “So I added the Howard back in.”

As Howard, famous for her roles in “Jurassic World” and “The Help,” waits for to work with her father, she’s currently prepping for the release of “Pete’s Dragon,” Disney’s updated version of the 1977 classic. Howard said she was drawn to the film because it’s child-friendly and it has a positive message.

“I am exactly the age that is the sweet spot for that film,” she said. “What drew me the most was the story —I have children, and I have extremely protective of my child and what they watch. And when I was reading it I just felt absolutely transported and my heart was moved and I felt like this is something that I would feel so proud to be a part of. I think this is a wonderful story for children.”

Watch Disney’s teaser trailer for “Pete’s Dragon” below:

Howard won the CinemaCon Excellence in Acting Award at the 2016 Big Screen Achievement Awards. Catch her in “Pete’s Dragon” in theaters on Aug. 12.