With news that top free agent Peyton Manning is on his way to Denver, it would appear that Tim Tebow is out of a job.

According to preliminary reports, the Broncos will look to trade the Heisman Trophy winner, thought they could keep him in the fold as an insurance policy for Manning's neck injury.

There are a number of places he could end up, but with quarterbacks like Ryan Flynn signing in Seattle, the list is shrinking.

Manning had many more teams to choose from as nearly every team in the country would have happily ditched their current starter for a chance to have Manning under center, the same does not hold true with Tebow.

Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, and Minnesota, all appear to be a potential landing spot for Tebow as he is at least as productive as the quarterback they currently have.

Cleveland is desperate for any help under center. They have made the playoffs twice since 1994, they have a litany of failed high draft picks at the quarterback position in their recent history, and bringing in a guy who was such a big story last season could help give them some relevance around the league.

They have a young starter in Colt McCoy, but he has been underwhelming in a season and a half as the Browns starter and has fewer wins (6) in his 21 starts than Tebow has (8) in just 15 NFL starts.

Jacksonville could make a splash by going after Tebow, bringing him back to the state of Florida where he played his college ball. He is adored by Gator fans and Blaine Gabbert isn't exactly the second coming of Mark Brunell.

For a team desperate to sell tickets, so desperate that they have closed sections of the stadium in an attempt to avoid having their games blacked out, Tebow could fill the seats.

Miami has been spurned by Manning and Flynn so far this offseason. They were courting Alex Smith, but with Manning headed to Denver Smith will in all likelihood head right back to the bay where he has the best chance to win.

Though the Dolphins aren't exactly close to Gainsville, there are plenty of University of Florida alumni and fans in South Florida who would be happy to jump back on the Tebow bandwagon, and landing him in a trade could be a way for the Fins to save face after missing out on so many quarterbacks and then shipping Brandon Marshall out of town.

The Minnesota Vikings are a dark horse candidate to take a shot at Tebow. None of the players in their current stable of quarterbacks, Sage Rosenfels, Christian Ponder or McLeod Bethel-Thompson looks like an everyday starter at the NFL level.

Ponder is the current starter but he was underwhelming on the field as he led the Vikings to a 2-8 record in the final 10 games of the year.

Minnesota needs to upgrade in a hurry to keep pace with their division, the Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL, Detroit is on the rise in a big hurry, and the Bears seem to be loading up with a healthy Jay Cutler and the addition of Marshall.

A move for Tebow could be just the jump they need to try to compete in that division, not to mention that a backfield of Tebow and Adrian Peterson should give opposing front-sevens fits.