Peyton Manning is the most high-profile player in Super Bowl XLVIII. He won the game’s MVP award in 2007, and led the Denver Broncos this far by setting multiple single-season records. However, it’s not only the quarterback’s play that is getting a lot of the attention.

Manning’s call at the line of scrimmage has become a popular subject throughout the 2014 playoffs. Before he’s ready to snap the ball, the future Hall of Famer often yells “Omaha,” which is audible to the television audience. Many people who don’t watch football regularly have wondered why the quarterback uses the term. Manning was even asked about his use of the word in a press conference before the Broncos played the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.  

"I’ve had a lot people ask what 'Omaha' means," Manning said jokingly. "Omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play-action pass depending on a couple things — the wind, which way we’re going, the quarter and the jerseys that we’re wearing. It varies really play to play. There’s your answer to that one.”

His use of the word is now being used by the city of Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha Chamber of Commerce has pledged to donate $1,500 to charity for every time he uses the word against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The Chamber gave $800 for each such instance in the Broncos’ last playoff game.

The signal caller said Omaha 31 times against the Patriots, leading to a $24,800 donation to Manning’s “Peyback Foundation” for disadvantaged children.

The betting public can even wager on how many times Manning will say “Omaha” in the Super Bowl. has set the over/under at 27.5 times. If he goes over that number, the Chamber is guaranteed to donate at least $42,000.