PFGBEST has established a new division called the PFGBEST Wealth Management Group. This team of professionals was recruited to provide the next level of service to clients who seek sustainable alternative investment strategies.

Utilizing the experience of these well-trained, seasoned wealth managers, the PFGBEST Wealth Management Group educates investors on the power of diversifying their portfolios across non-correlated asset classes, said PFGBEST President and Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr.

Said Ron Rabune, director of the PFGBEST Wealth Management Group, Our main purpose is to empower investors, to help them learn about effective asset-class diversification, and how to use that knowledge to invest more efficiently. PFGBEST clients first identify their personal portfolio needs, and then make small changes to better balance their investments and reduce their exposure to volatility. They work with PFGBEST wealth managers to try to achieve long-term, sustainable results. Ultimately, we want investors to gain confidence in the level of and reliability of their overall returns.

The PFGBEST Wealth Management Group offers people with years of experience in alternative investments such as CTA-managed programs, futures, options, precious metals, and more. In one-on-one consultations, clients enjoy useful discussions about diversification strategies accessible to them - without a hint of high-pressure sales tactics.

Investing today requires more than just owning your home and contributing to your employer's 401(K) plan. With a rapidly changing universe of investment choices available, it's sometimes hard to have confidence in your investment decisions. The PFGBEST Wealth Management Group helps investors tackle these issues, Rabune added.