FXstreet.co (Barcelona) - Philadelphia Fed business index has risen to 14.1 points in September from 4.2 in August, beating market expectations of an increase to levels around 8.0. The Euro has bounced higher.

EUR/USD rebound at 1.4695 has extended higher after Philly Fed data, and the Euro has reached levels at 1.4750, with 2009 high at 1.4767.

USD/JPY which had bounced from 90.50, reaching levels around 91.45 ahead of Philly Fed data, retreated to 91.05 minutes after figures were known and the pair trades now at 91.20.

GBP/USD continues trading in an area roughly between 1.6495 and 1.6555 and the pair has eased from levels around 1.6530 to 1.6505 shortly after U.S. data was released.