Jonathan Papelbon is not wired like most people, and he has carved out a legend of strange behavior for himself in Major League Baseball.

After a World Series win in Boston, he returned to the field in a cut off tee shirt, black spandex, and swimming googles. He spent 20 minutes dancing and spraying beer around the field.

He screams like a maniac after each strikeout, and has been known to throw on a kilt from time to time.

But he added another layer to his myth last night when he allegedly paid $5,000 for a Jim Thome walk off homerun.

Papelbon came into the game in the top of the ninth with the Phillies leading 6-4. He gave the lead away on a pair of RBI singles before striking out Sean Rodriguez to end the inning.

I came in the clubhouse, and I said 'Whoever walks this guy off, I'll give 'em five grand.' I didn't think Jim would do it right off the bat. ... I just wrote him a check for $5,000.

Thome, pinch hitting for Papelbon, came to the plate first and smashed a 396 foot homer to left field to end the game.

Thome, for what it's worth, claimed not to have taken any money from Papelbon. But he appears to grab Papelbon during the celebrations at home plate to ask Where's my check, at the :38 second mark of the video below.